Dutchism Overhaul

I have recently (yesterday) uploaded my new site, the one you’re looking at now. It’s not that the old one was no good, it’s just that this one is better.

I’ve gone for a whiter, brighter look and feel with a minimal colour palette to allow my portfolio pieces to shine.

I have incorporated Red Green and Blue (RGB) into my new logo and site design , in reference to the colour format used for screen display ie. used in web design.

I built this site on the WordPress platform, creating my own theme using themeshaper’s framework as a blank canvas.

The Main Nav icons are courtesy of Tutorial9 and the Social Icons are courtesy of  webtreats.

I came across a fantastic JQuery Slider months ago and am glad I have been able to take it and give it my own flavour. So thanks to CSS-Tricks for their Anything Slider Plugin.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the Dutchism Overhaul. Feel free to drop a comment.

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